Announcements for the Week of January 8, 2023

1/8/2023 Corporate Lord's Table at the Hall

Next Lord's Day, January 15, 2023, we will have an in-person meeting at the meeting hall.  To prepare the meeting hall, there will be cleaning service at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

The saints who take care of the other areas of service (ushering, music, children, Lord's Table preparation, etc.) would coordinate for Lord's Day.

For those who can not come in person, or who are experiencing any symptoms of sickness, please participate via the following Zoom room:

  • Zoom Meeting link:
  • Zoom ID: 835 3187 8719

It should be noted that this Zoom link is set up for viewing only of the in-person meeting at the meeting hall. For those participating via Zoom, please use the meeting hall coffee break time to prophesy with all the saints on the Zoom link, as you will have the ability to communicate with one another, but not with those who are live at the meeting hall.

Special New Year's Fellowship

The link below is for the special new year fellowship, where brother Minoru Chen shares with us his personal experience and practice of spending a longer period of time with the Lord at the beginning of each new year. During such a time with the Lord, our brother encourages us to practice 6 things: recall, rehearse, reflect, repent, renew, and reset. He also encourages us to gather our family together for a dedicated time in the Lord's presence and reaffirm that our household is for the Lord.

May the Lord gain our fresh consecration as we close out this year and begin a new chapter with Him. "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." - James 4:8a

Church Reading / Enjoyment Schedule 

  • HWMR, Week 9, Crystallization-study of 1 & 2 Kings (July 2022 Training)

  • Life Study of Job, Message 31 and 32

  • Hymn #890  (#401 in Spanish)  "Hallelujah, Christ is Victor!"

  • Prayer Meetings: 7:00 PM for LBCC (in person) & 7:30 PM for other districts over zoom.

  • Watch a Timely Speaking on the Crystallization Study of the Gospel of John.

Up-Coming Events

  • 2023 Spanish Speaking Conference (Location MCC)

  1. Fri. Jan. 13  7:30 - 9:15  (1st Meeting)
  2. Sat. Jan. 14  4:00 - 5:45  (2nd Meeting)
  3. Sat. Jan 14  7:00 - 9:00  (3rd Meeting)
  4. LD. Jan. 15  10:00 - 12:00  (4th Meeting)

  • HWMR and Ministry Magazine are available
  • Copies of the new Holy Word for Morning Revival book and ministry magazine on "The Crystallization-Study of 1 & 2 Kings Vol. 2" are on hand. See note below for purchasing HWMR.

1/12/2023  BfA Bible Distr. & Gospel Outreach Fellowship

Please pray for the continued outreach in our area! The Lord has been blessing our time with His dear fresh presence, as well as many open and warm contacts. May the Lord cause the bible recipients to drink the River of His pleasure, and be added to the church. After the week of the semi-annual training, we invite you to join our Thursday night times of prayer & coordination from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the following Zoom room:

Matters for Prayer

  1. 2022-2023 GTCA cities: Columbus, OH; Nashville TN; Normal, IL; Omaha, NE; Tampa, FL; Virginia Beach, VA (need 30 in each city).

  2. The conflict in Ukraine - The local saints, serving ones, and trainees will be blended with the Ukrainian refugees for the strengthening and building up of the Lord's testimony in key European cities.

  3. A contract has been signed to have the entire roof sealed. We have visited facilities where this has been done and were pleased with the results. The work is anticipated to be performed early next year (roofing company scheduling). This will open the door for work on the inside of the hall to begin. Please consider caring for this work that will commence in earnest early next year.

Additional Helps

Working Saints Gathering at the 2022 Thanksgiving Conference - The video recording of the working saints gathering at the 2022 International Thanksgiving Conference in Washington, DC is now available on the YouTube channel: Watch Working Saints Gathering here. The audio recording can be downloaded here: Listen to Working Saints Gathering

The fellowship during this gathering focused on the matters of being constituted with the truth using the Life-studies as well as the Lord's move within the United States through migration. The co-workers who shared at this time include Minoru Chen, Curt Kennard, Ted Williamson, and Marty Robert. Relevant links mentioned during this fellowship are listed below:

Giving for Special Needs

Regarding the situation in the Ukraine and  any desire to participate in the care for the refugees, the recommendation is (in lieu of wire transfers) to give to the Lord's Move To Europe (
) and designate it for the Ukrainian situation.

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